Cathay Hardware, Inc.

In early 1950, Antonio Chua Ng Koa started out in pursuit of his dream to own and run a General Merchandise after dissociating himself from his partners. In that span of time, he toiled hard, and learned the rudiments of commerce and trade and gained his business acumen through sheer industry and resourcefulness. Armed with the acquired Entrepreneurial dexterity.


The stage was set for him to venture on his own and take the read less traveled by.

At the outset, the company existed to cater to the demands of basic reconstruction after the war. But then the market change and shifted gears prompting the company to metamorphose and embark on a vision…to stay in groove with the trends of time.

Today, Cathay Hardware, Inc. is located at 117-119 Plaridel St., Cebu City with an additional Showroom across the same street fairly small, is composed of thirty (30) competent employees to attend to the needs of its clientele on a professional level.

Its products mix covers the field of industrial equipments, tools, light and medium duty machineries, General hardware and finishing materials. It has been constantly upgrading its products lines through market studied, product research and other related information which would lead to identify the evolving needs of the market.

Over the years, Cathay Hardware, Inc. has developed a “Culture of Customer Service” among its staff, giving the utmost sense of importance to its clients, individual or institutional. This “Culture of Customer Service” is borne out the fact that the company subscribes to the basic tenet in business which considers customers as the true assets of the company. Embed this sense of service; it enhances its marketing approach through modern concepts of merchandising providing shopping comfort and convenience at the same time. With its attractive, no-nonsense displays, shopping can just be leisurely fun.

Aside from its friendly ambiance and service, the company also provides products of competent and standard quality at reasonable prices.

It’s no mean feat to have survived the ups and downs of business over a long period of time, the company has made a name for itself and has contributed its share to the socio-economic life of the community its serves.

Sometimes in the 70’s the company was ranked no. 262 among the top 1,000 Corporations of the company. It stands proud that it was once the by word in the Hardware industry not only in Cebu City but stretching as far as Visayas and Mindanao. Yet it is not the name that matters but rather, the credibility and the reputation that stand behind it.

For what it had started and act in motion, Cathay Hardware, Inc. chooses to allow the natural momentum to propel it on, and while the future may be full of uncontainties. The company, with its passion to succeed and with divine blessings, will be able to hurdle whatever challenges that lay ahead and spread its wings to greater heights.

Address : 186 - 188 Plaridel St., Cebu City 6000

T: (032) 412-3904/256-1170

F: (032) 254-9908

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Contact Person: Mr. Victor Chua